Saturday, May 30, 2009

Second Round from Vieques

Well, so I left off with the picture of Hardin Point taken from the plane when we were in route from Memphis to Houston.

The next group of pictures were taken after we landed in San Juan. The flight from San Juan was my first true long flight. I was not able to sleep much since the movie they showed was Marley and Me. That story is not for a person that has raised any puppy! It is heart wrenching! I have known this since the story came out, but I decided since I am on the flight I might as well watch it while I am eating the dinner they served! My mistake, I stayed up an additional hour and thirty minutes crying my eyes out, and I did not have my earphones throughout the last half of the movie. I just cried myself to sleep.

John Rosario picked us up in San Juan and took us to the ferry station in Farajado.

Here is John!

(I will have to get a better picture of him on our way back! I was a little nervous about having someone pick us up considering I had only met him online!)
I do not think Jeff remembers much from the ride from San Juan to Farajado! He slept through most of the flight and the ride!

Here we are waiting in the ferry terminal in Farajado. This to me was the beginning of living like a local. It was crazy to see what everyone was traveling with.

Oh the ferry ride...I was ok until the last twenty minutes or so! My problem was when everyone started gettiing up and blocking my views, and a little boy that thought it was funny to walk circles around his Dad who was standing up and swaying back and forth.

More pictures are coming...hopefully tonight! The connection comes and go!

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