Saturday, May 30, 2009

Second Round from Vieques

Well, so I left off with the picture of Hardin Point taken from the plane when we were in route from Memphis to Houston.

The next group of pictures were taken after we landed in San Juan. The flight from San Juan was my first true long flight. I was not able to sleep much since the movie they showed was Marley and Me. That story is not for a person that has raised any puppy! It is heart wrenching! I have known this since the story came out, but I decided since I am on the flight I might as well watch it while I am eating the dinner they served! My mistake, I stayed up an additional hour and thirty minutes crying my eyes out, and I did not have my earphones throughout the last half of the movie. I just cried myself to sleep.

John Rosario picked us up in San Juan and took us to the ferry station in Farajado.

Here is John!

(I will have to get a better picture of him on our way back! I was a little nervous about having someone pick us up considering I had only met him online!)
I do not think Jeff remembers much from the ride from San Juan to Farajado! He slept through most of the flight and the ride!

Here we are waiting in the ferry terminal in Farajado. This to me was the beginning of living like a local. It was crazy to see what everyone was traveling with.

Oh the ferry ride...I was ok until the last twenty minutes or so! My problem was when everyone started gettiing up and blocking my views, and a little boy that thought it was funny to walk circles around his Dad who was standing up and swaying back and forth.

More pictures are coming...hopefully tonight! The connection comes and go!

We have arrived Vieques!

Here we are leaving Memphis, and on our way to Houston, Texas!

And Jeff and Francie!

This is for Diddie! We even saw Hardin Point.

Okay...more to come. We are off to get some lunch! (Since we have not had food since midnight.)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Batch Number Four

Well here is batch number four before it was bottled! I think Jason really needs to come up with a name for this stuff. Here are some pictures from the bottling process. I cannot wait to sample this batch. By the way, we get to try another bottle from the third batch tomorrow.

Here Jason is getting the beer out of the fermenter and into the bottling bucket (I don't think there is a fancy German translation for that piece of equipment). I will need to check into that term.

The bottling bucket is filling up!

Jason bottling his fourth batch.

And the fourth batch is capped!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Jason and I both are addicted to hobbies. There I admit it and do not think that I have a problem! Ha, ha, ha... This is coming from someone that has a half finished baby blanket sitting on a table in the den, a sewing basket stacked with unfinished projects next to the recliner, a box and basket full of unfinished projects behind the recliner, a guest bedroom closet filled with supplies (so much so that guest can barely use the closet), and that is only touching the service of my addiction. Now with Jason - that is a whole other subject! At least with his latest hobby, we get to actually enjoy the end stage and there is an end stage!

His long time friend, Andy - suggested to start brewing his own beer. Little did Andy know that Jason would pick it up and run with it! There have been two completed batches, one waiting for the right moment to be pulled from the pantry to enjoy, and one that was just moved from the guest bathroom to the kitchen counter to prepare for bottling. Jason has some pictures posted on his Facebook page, and I will try to convince him to let me post some on here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh the trip...

Well the count down has started! Oh, who am I kidding - the count down started the day that we booked our flight. I do not know if I have ever looked forward to something as much as I have this trip. It is just the idea of getting away from everything for an entire week. There will be nothing but friends, food, and the beaches. The beaches! There are so many that I think a list should be made so that I am sure to see as many of them as I possibly can.

I think another part of this trip that I am looking forward to is the adventure. That is something that Jason and I tend to do with every trip that we go on. (I have always secretly thought that we would be good on the Amazing Race.) Our honeymoon was even the same way as this trip! The only thing different is that we have a specific time to be at the airport and the ferry and have reserved our villa and hotel room for the return trip. With our honeymoon, we had no specifics except to stop in Boston and have dinner with the family some time during the week. There were no iterias and especially no reservations. That trip was wonderful, and I do not have any idea how it can be topped!

Who knows - maybe I will post some pictures. I need to figure out how to do that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A New Blogger on the Block...

I cannot believe that I am entering the world of blogging! So here goes...this is something so foreign to me since I am not one for keeping a diary, letting people know my deepest thoughts (those could get me in trouble or in a psychiatric hospital), and skills with the English language are horrible (spelling and grammar are not my strongest points). I am off to enjoy and see if this will be another creative outlet for me!