Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Jason and I both are addicted to hobbies. There I admit it and do not think that I have a problem! Ha, ha, ha... This is coming from someone that has a half finished baby blanket sitting on a table in the den, a sewing basket stacked with unfinished projects next to the recliner, a box and basket full of unfinished projects behind the recliner, a guest bedroom closet filled with supplies (so much so that guest can barely use the closet), and that is only touching the service of my addiction. Now with Jason - that is a whole other subject! At least with his latest hobby, we get to actually enjoy the end stage and there is an end stage!

His long time friend, Andy - suggested to start brewing his own beer. Little did Andy know that Jason would pick it up and run with it! There have been two completed batches, one waiting for the right moment to be pulled from the pantry to enjoy, and one that was just moved from the guest bathroom to the kitchen counter to prepare for bottling. Jason has some pictures posted on his Facebook page, and I will try to convince him to let me post some on here.

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