Monday, June 1, 2009

Beach pictures are here...

They are in order of the way that we have seen them so far.

The first is the view from our villa. It is so nice to have a beach that you can enjoy at any time. (I don't think I could stay anywhere else on the island.)

Esperanza was the next stop. This is basically the hangout area with a few bars, restaurants, and a little spot where people set up and sell their creations.

This is the first sunset we saw. It is the beach outside of the villa. What a way to finish your first day on the island!

On Sunday, we started the day with snorkeling at a Pier that is currently closed. We just pulled right up to the gate, jumped out, walked down the rocks, and into the water.

Starfish were every where. I was afraid to put my fins down...I was afraid that I was going to step on one!

We went to waste some time before we had to meet up for the Bio Bay Tour and found Navio Beach. (This could possibly have been the spot were Piggy and Ralph had their first conversation in Lord of the Flies! The movie was filmed mainly on this beach.)

We are at Bio Bay here beginning our tour! This was a true once in a lifetime experience!

This is a little video clip from Blue Beach. It is beautiful.

Here is Jason enjoying some snorkeling time at Blue Beach. (The Olympus digital camera is fun!)

I believe this was Silver Beach.

And this one is Secret Beach.

And this is Orchid Beach.

Stay tuned...there are more to come!

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