Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So here are some more pictues...they are couple over that last two days. Yesterday, we went to the location of the old bunkers. Needless to say, Jason found a small (I would not even call it a road) dirt path, and found this bunker.

I was too afraid to get out of the Jeep. All I could think about was snakes.

And then we stopped by the 300 year old Silk Cotton Wood Tree. Amazing...

On our way back to town we stopped by the local Pescadoria/fish market (my Spanish classes are coming in handy and my dictionary is stained from use), and we picked up dinner.

It was really good! We have done a good bit of cooking in. We have had lemon pepper chicken, fresh green beans, and brown rice...then lobster (caught locally) and baked potatoes, and now we are about to have hamburgers, hot dogs, and salad with Benihana dressing (Jason made of course)!

Today, we toured some during the moring. We think we might have found the Black Sand Beach and then went on to do some body surfing at Navio again and enjoy the laid back Media Luna. At Media Luna I found a new friend.

My new friend...

Obviously, I am not the only one that is a fan of the neon colors for summer!

My neon toes in the sand!

Jason at Media Luna.

Here is a Vieques Road Block that we saw on our way out.

And my beach glass collection grows with each day!

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