Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a day on the Island looks like!

Three full days spent on Isla Nena! It has been great! We have been able to enjoy our afternoons on the beach. The rain has moved in during the late afternoons forcing us to head into town for an early dinner both days. Yesterday, was the only day that we were not able to really get out and enjoy the water. So we just went around the Island taking pictures. I will be posting those soon.

Two very happy people!

Here is our home away from home. This is Navio. I do love Ababor Suites!

A Jeep lover can't go without their Jeep! Something with 4-wheel drive is a must in these parts. We almost had to use it when trying to get out of a parking place!

I feel it is necessary to enjoy the morning coffee on the beach!

This is where I like to have my morning coffee. Wonderful and relaxing!

The great driver. He will go anywhere!

A great place to stock up on supplies.

And now you know what kind of supplies were needed!

The first afternoon was spent on Playa Plata. This was our favorite beach last year. There were a few people on the beach. I am sure it was because it was the weekend. Last year, we did not find this beach until our last day which was on Friday, and no one was on this beach!

And the rain says it's time to pack it up! It's not always sunny in paradise...

And the rain sends you to seek shelter. My view from my favorite bar stool at Duffy's.

On my favorite list of beers. This is brewed by Old Harbor Brewery in San Juan. They have a nice brewery/brew pub in Old San Juan. We did visit it last year.


  1. Jennifer,

    We spent nearly two weeks in Feb on Orchid...it is our new favorite beach. I had built a couple shelters on Orchid when I was there, I bet there gone now. I even named one of them "Casa Corona". Vieques is great isn't it...you just can't explain it.We've got to wait till November now to return. One thing I was wondering about...when you made your pitstop at the green store for refreshments I noticed your driver had on a Corona shirt but had a case of Dos Equis?

  2. You know, I think one of them might have still been there. I have a ton of pictures left to post. Our internet connection was hit or miss at Ababor. Ahh, good catch on the shirt. We love to get a case of Dos Equis Amber and some limes to have some change! Vieques is great! I have been in love with it since our first visit!!