Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Worldwind 5 Days

This has been an amazing five days!  We started out early in Memphis on Friday morning, three flights later, and one crazy taxi ride later we were sitting down to dinner at the Bananakeet.  So thankful that they made us a late reservation.  It was amazing.

We had the Crab Sushi as an appetizer, Jason had their Seafood Pasta, and I had the Coconut Rum Shrimp.  It was a wonderful meal.  Christina at The Heritage Inn was a wonderful host.  She grew up on Jost Van Dyke so she helped us in making some last minute arrangements. 

This was the view of Jost Van Dyke from our room at The Heritage Inn.

A view of Tortola from our room.

More views from the room.

I love the pool and bar combination.

Views of Tortola.

Smyrna was kind enough to take us to the Ferry and then she came and picked us up on Monday to take us to the Airport.  She even played some classic Country Music!

Waiting on the Ferry to Jost.

Loading the Ferry (lots of beer)!

And we are off to Jost!

Being with out Internet service has caused a backlog of pictures and post to put up.  So needless to say I am a few days behind!

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