Monday, April 4, 2011

What a weekend!

This was a busy one. And as I said on the book yesterday, "Two full days spent in the sunshine does wonders for the soul!" So very true! I do love me some sunshine.

I have developed a new love for spring. It is so exciting to see things bud and leaf out. I have really been watching our fruit trees and muscadines. They are really trying their best to put out for the season.

The seedlings are doing their thing as well. I started more seeds this weekend. Mostly tomatoes, corn, beans, and soybeans. I have a few more things to start, but I need to do some thinking as to space. I have run out! So I have my clean up work cut out for me this week. There are 7 varieties of tomatoes started! Oh yea, have I said before that I love tomatoes?

Maybe I will have one that looks this good!

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